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About Vanua Leadership College

Welcome to Vanua Leadership College, an exciting new chapter in the educational journey fostered by Pikinini Playtime. Established on the foundation of Pikinini Playtime's commitment to excellence in early childhood education, Vanua Leadership College is poised to extend its legacy and offer an enriching learning experience to students as they transition into the next phase of their academic journey.


Our Motto

Gaining Knowledge
We emphasize the primary purpose of education - to acquire knowledge.
Vanua Leadership College prioritises learning and intellectual development;
focusing on academic achievements, encouraging students to be curious,
engaged and committed to expanding their understanding on various
subjects. This reflects the belief in the importance of education as a lifelong
journey and the idea that knowledge is a valuable asset.


Building Respect
This motto emphasizes the importance of fostering a culture of respect within
the school community. It shows that the school values not only academic
achievement but also the development of positive character traits such as
empathy, understanding and tolerance. Building respect promotes a sense of
inclusivity, valuing diversity, and encouraging students to treat others with
kindness and dignity.


Growing Leaders
This motto promotes the commitment to developing leadership qualities in
students. It goes beyond academic success and respect, indicating a desure
to nurture qualities such as initiative, responsibility, and the ability to inspire
and guide others. The motto emphasizes on growing leaders - allowing these
leaders to make a positive impact on their community or society at large.

VLC School Fees

Grade 7 - 10
50,000vt per Term (approx. 10 weeks per term) A discount of 5,000vt if paid on or before 1st day of each Term.

School at home: 35,000vt per Term (approx. 10 weeks per Term or 4,000vt per week.

Grade 11 & 12
50,000vt per Term (approx. 10 weeks per term). No discount is offered for Class 11 & 12.

School at home: 35,000vt per Term (approx. 10 weeks per Term or 4,000vt per week.

For Grades 11 & 12 - fees must be paid firstprior to attending classes.

Grade 11 & 12: Additional Yearly fee of VT 350,000 should student wish to graduate with Australian School Leaving Certificate. *Not compulsory but optional

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