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Our Partners


Pikinini Playtime partners with a range of organisations to deliver our programs and promote improved education throughout Vanuatu. These organisations include:


The Vanuatu Society for People with Disabilities (VSPD)

The VSPD is a Vanuatu NGO which assists people with disabilities to participate as fully as possible in community life in Vanuatu. It is the primary contact point for people with disabilities in the country. We work with VSDP to promote the value of education and increase access to school for children with disabilities. Our Disability Support Program provides free access to education for children supported by VSDP.


The Butterfly Trust

The Butterfly Trust is a New Zealand based NGO registered in Vanuatu that works alongside communities in rural Vanuatu to improve their access to health care and education. We like working with Butterfly Trust because they have no hidden agendas and reliably deliver effective and relevant community based  services with minimal administrative costs.


Give a Kid a Chance

This fund is operated by The Butterfly Trust to meet the costs of schooling for children with disabilities. 


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