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Vanuatu is a small country, only 270,000 people spread over many small islands. This is smaller than a regional centre in Australia or New Zealand. The health and education  infrastructure is poorly developed and specialist support is simply not available.


We welcome input from volunteers who want to make a difference. This input could be as simple as spending time reading with children or it could be providing a workshop on teaching skills or highly skilled support for children with special needs.


There is plenty of opportunity to make a contribution that may not change the world but certainly will change the life of a small child or several children.


Some volunteers come for a week or two and others come for as long as the immigration department will alow which is typically four (4) months but can be twelve (12) months or more. Of course if you are a resident of Vanuatu then there is no limit!


So if you would like to positively impact the life of a small child and contribute to their education please contact us and discuss the possibilities.

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