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Practical Training for Teachers and Communities


In Vanuatu, many Kindergarten teachers, and an increasing number of Primary School Teachers, have neither formal training nor qualifications. Training courses are expensive and usually require selection for a scholarship funded place on a course in Port Vila or overseas. Some courses require a high standard of written and spoken English to meet eligibility criteria. These factors limit training opportunities.


The need for teachers in a rapidly increasing population has long ago outstripped the capacity of the limited training available.


So Pikinini Playtime trains our own teachers. We do this through various means including:

  • practical inhouse training programs;

  • encouraging staff and providing financial assistance for them to attend formal training courses, and

  • sponsoring staff to take up exchanges and study opportunities both here and overseas.


However, we are very much aware that our teachers are a small part of the overall education framework in Vanuatu. If there is to be positive change then much more will be required. To increase the skills available and promote change we also provide:

  • free practical training for Kindergarten and Primary school teachers from rural and remote kindergartens and schools

  • work with our partner organisations to train Community Management Committees in Kindergarten management;

  • support the Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)Teachers Association to conduct practical training programs and workshops, and

  • plan to develop our own accredited Certificate courses to be delivered through distance education.


Providing those who are passionate about education with improved teaching skills is proving to be a strong motivator for change and a key to improving educational standards in both urban and rural communities.


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