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Our staff are our primary product. They are the people who will continue to champion quality education and promote positive change within Vanuatu's education system.

We have over one hundred (100) local staff and are now one of the major employers within the country.

We believe in continuous improvement and have implemented a rigorous Continuous Improvement Program across the organisation. This program uses formal reviews, peer reviews, operational reporting processes and student achievements to monitor outcomes and measure our teaching quality. Analysis of the results guides our in-house training and staff coaching programs to foster staff development and strengthen areas of identified weakness.

We also assist and encourage staff to acquire theoretical knowledge and formal qualifications. While poor teaching skills and a shortage of qualified staff are chronic problems in Vanuatu our staff now boast the following qualifications (March 2022).

Qualification Level   Completed   In Progress

Masters Degree                                 1

Bachelor Degree             5                 4

Diploma                         5                 4

Certificate IV                  3 

Certificate III                21                 5


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