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Our Policies

In undertaking these activities we abide by the four fundamental educational principles articulated by the Government of Vanuatu:


  1. All children (including children with special needs) have the right to education, and it is everyone's responsibility to ensure that they succeed and achieve their full potential.

  2. Parents and communities are a vital part of education and it is our shared responsibility to ensure that we involve everyone in the education of our children.

  3. Everything we do in education is aligned to ensure continuous improvement in the lives of all children.

  4. All curriculum documents and resources will promote a holistic approach to learning and development and recognise that the physical, spiritual, personal, cognitive, linguistic and creative aspects of learning are interwoven and form an essential part of each child's development.


We embrace the role of an ECCE centre as described in the National Framework for ECCE and:

  • maintain registration with the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET)

  • implement the MoET policies and curriculum with enhancements to meet international standards

  • enable teachers in their work and provide additional training for all teachers and staff

  • engage parents and communities in school life and support their role as the primary educator of their child

  • ensure a high quality, safe and rich learning environment

  • provide all the curriculum materials and other resources needed for teaching and learning

  • create opportunities for learning through learning centres that provide children with materials for play and exploration.

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