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International Education Standard in English

Children in Vanuatu are as intelligent as children anywhere but their opportunities are extremely limited. A country of around 300,000 people scattered over numerous small islands with more than 70 languages provides many challenges for educators. Over half the population is under 15 years of age and school construction and the training of teachers is not keeping pace with population growth.  It has now been acknowledged that Vanuatu's literacy and numeracy levels are falling despite large amounts of foreign aid being channelled into education.


In a country where there are three official languages, French, English and Bislama, many children leave school only fluent in Bislama and not able to read nor write.


At Pikinini Playtime we partner with parents to provide children with a quality education in English. We believe that if children can confidently read and write in one of the world's major languages then they can access the wealth of knowledge in books, libraries and the internet.


Our formal education programs start with Kindergarten at 4 years of age and proceed through Primary Classes 1 to 6. Junior High Class 7 commenced in 2020 and Class 10 will start in 2023. We plan to continue to Class 12 international standard in 2025.


Our education programs:

  • embrace the content of the Vanuatu curriculum;

  • deliver Australian standard;

  • use English with support provided in Bislama and local vernacular when needed;

  • are inclusive of children with disabilities and aim to meet each child's educational needs;

  • engage with and support parents so that they are empowered in their role as the primary educators of their children.


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