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International standard childcare


In Vanuatu's  villages parents have traditionally passed on skills and knowledge to their children during daily activities. Clearing the bush, tending the garden, washing, cooking, or even processing copra or building a house provides endless opportunities to pass on traditional skills.


But in the increasingly modern society of today children need to supplement the traditional skills and knowledge with abilities their parents may not have. Furthermore, parents in the cities work long hours and have far less time to impart to their children and the need for childcare has grown. This childcare has been typically provided by nannies and 'house girls', often older siblings or family members who have left school but not yet found employment.


We know from research that children learn most rapidly early in life. Most children have learned to converse in at least one language by four years of age. They have also learned to walk, play with others and feed themselves. Their brains are developing rapidly and they collect knowledge of sounds, shapes, colours, words and numbers. They are busy laying the foundation that will support a lifetime of learning.


At Pikinini Playtime we strengthen that foundation by providing structured educational programs that children enjoy. We work to ensure that each child is well equipped to continue learning throughout their life.


Our childcare programs:

  • provide options for long daycare between 7am and 5.00pm for children between six (6) months and four (4) years of age;

  • provide education based options for ‘out of school hours’ care both after school and during school holidays;

  • deliver inclusive, quality assured, Australian standard, early childhood education at Vanuatu prices;

  • apply a play based education curriculum in English;

  • maintain a hygienic, safe, child friendly environment;

  • engage with and support parents to empower them as the primary educators of their children

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